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9 magical ways to beat imposter syndrome

Once upon a time… In a land filled with endless knowledge.

There lived a witty creator named Endomar.

People were enslaved in their minds. An evil villain stole all hopes and dreams.

When people are in need, Endomar feels the need to help.

He embarked on a quest to save humanity.

Endomar jumps on his horse and rides into the night. He didn’t notice an evil being was always following him… ​ ​

The darkest enemy of mankind​ ​

Dark clouds started to roam around Endomar. ​

“What kind of creature are you?” he whispered in fear. ​

A deep, dark voice trembled through the sky. ​​ ​WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….​ ​

I’m humanity’s biggest fear. ​

From the moment you’re born.

Till the day you die. I’ll be there… ​

“What’s your name?” Endomar screamed. ​ ​


Endomar started running for his life. ​​

“It looks like it’s always present.”​ He whispered in fear. ​ ​

A new hope​ ​ The sound of a running horse echoed through a magical forest. Endomar was chasing a lead. ​

He read in the ancient scrolls of course creation.

There was a being who had all the answers. ​

“I’m here”, a gentle female voice spoke. ​

Endomar jumped off his horse and looked around him. ​

“I’m right here.” He was confused. He heard the voice so clearly… ​

“I’m inside of you, silly.” the voice said, laughing gently. ​

Filled with confusion, Endomar sat down under a huge oak.

“Alright, mysterious voice”, Endomar said. Let’s talk…”

Matters of the heart “You’re confused?” the voice said.

“My name is Heart.” ​ Humans are funny creatures.

You‘re the only species in the universe with the power of choice. “BLESSED”. Edomar shouted in despair. ​ We wake up in fear. We live like zombies. ​

We had hopes and dreams like: ​

  • I want to travel the world.
  • I want freedom and abundance.
  • I want to have a business that thrives.
  • I want to build a house overlooking the sea.
  • I want to earn money to take care of my parents.
  • I want… ​

“Let me stop you right there.” Heart responded.

Don’t you see? ​ You’re capable of achieving anything.

You only have a virus. ​ It’s called Imposter syndrome.

And would you like to know the funny part?

Imposter Syndrome and I are occupying the same space.

We’re living inside of you…

The cure to imposter syndrome: “Remember, you always have a choice.”

Now, listen carefully to what I’m about to share with you. The heart chronicles.

  1. Accept that Imposter syndrome will always be present.

    In the beginning, middle and end of your life. ​

    But… ​ Where there’s darkness, there is light. You can choose your path.
  2. Don’t feed the trolls. Don’t give Imposter Syndrome attention. It feeds on fear. Instead, focus on the heart. Let inspiration guide you to complete your daily tasks. ​
  3. Read client testimonials or the kind words people say about you.

    Move out of your mind and into your heart. Always use positive words in speech and thoughts.

    Ban Imposter Syndrome to the dark corners of your mind. ​
  4. Realise that you’re unique, gifted and beautiful. Look how far you’ve come. Never give up.
  5. Rest is progress. It’s ok to take it slow. Imposter syndrome feeds off weak bodies. Stay healthy and strong. ​ Your body is your temple.
  6. When in doubt, do it. Trust the process that a solution will come your way. Where there’s a down, an up is always on the horizon.
  7. You are blessed with the gift of choice. Choose wisely how you spend your time.
  8. Surround yourself with positive people. ​Imposter syndrome can be banned when you ask for help. ​
    Don’t fight alone. Strength is in numbers. Your friends are there to support you. ​ ​
  9. Imposter syndrome hates smiles. \Smile and celebrate all wins. Even when you’re not in the mood. ​

Celebrating life, having fun, and enjoying every moment is fuel for your soul. ​

​A message from the heart.​ ​

This may have started as a fairytale.

But it’s a reality that you suffer from Imposter syndrome. ​

And that’s ok. You’re not alone. ​

When you feel Imposter syndrome popping up in his ugly head,

Find comfort in the nine steps I shared with you. ​

I’m not an expert. These steps always worked well for me.

And now, here they are to work for you. ​ Have fun and enjoy life.

Start building your course.
Keep building your audience. ​
Keep fighting imposter syndrome by taking action.

But wait… ​

The story hasn’t finished yet.

Let’s see how it ends… ​

You look across the horizon and see Endomar galloping away. ​

But … All of a sudden, a tiny star flies towards you. It flies to your right ear and whispers: “I believe in you. Now go and believe in yourself.” ​