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Stop chasing clients

Hello, is this Virgil?

Umm, yes, who is this?

Do you know that you pay too much electricity?


You get interrupted a million times a day.

You get cold emails. You get phone calls. You get DM’s

You ignore 99,9% of these messages.

And yet, when you need clients, you do the same.

You’re always on the hunt for new clients.

You reach out but get no answer.

Or worse, a “no thanks.”

Chasing clients has to end today.

But what if clients come to you?

That would change everything.

Push vs pull marketing.

I don’t need to explain push marketing because chances are that you are an expert on the subject.

You’ve been pushing your offer for a long time with moderate results.

Let’s dive into the world of pull marketing.

Magnetic marketing as Dan Kennedy calls it is THE way to grow your business.

Imagine that instead you’re the unwanted guest at the party, you’re welcomed in with open arms.

To attract the right client, you need these 3 things.

  • Share great content
  • Create opportunities to buy.
  • Build an email list of clients.

Let’s zoom in on a lesser-known concept: The opportunity to buy.

In the push marketing concept, you always make an offer.

Buy my XYZ service today. I have 3 spots left.

The doors are closing in 7 hours.

This kind of offers work.

But please don’t make the same type of offer all the time.

When you write your regular emails, always end with a call to action.

Something like this:

If you’re ready to solve your problem faster, here are two ways you can work with me:

Consulting calls 5-day get XYZ results course.

Now, in this way, you entertain your audience.

You help them solve their problems.

And when they feel the time is right, they’ll buy.

You’ll sleep better; You’ll make more money. Happy days.

And you’ll build a list of buyers you can sell to over and over again.