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Stop trading time for money

You’ve studied for so long.

And with trial and error, you came up with a system that solves your audience problem.

You’re damn good at what you do.

But why does it still feel like you have created a job for yourself?

Naval Ravikant once said digital products are our biggest superpower these days.


They let you share your unique mechanism through courses.

And they don’t cost anything to create.

Afterwards, you can sell it forever.

It’s like cloning yourself but cooler.

And yet, here you are, slaving away in your created prison.

The door is wide open, but you fail to understand how to escape.

It’s time to reclaim your freedom and build a business that serves you instead of the other way around.

Here’s How:

Write down the steps for your unique method. This will be your blueprint.

Offer your blueprint with a huge discount. You’ll have the chance to test your method in a workshop format.

Offer your workshop to everybody not ready to buy your main offer.

And over time, when people love your workshop, you build and sell your course.

Congrats, you’ve successfully leveraged your time.

Remember, your time is limited, but your digital products can sell forever.